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About me

Hey, Josua Hannink from Future-Morphs here!
I am a professional snake breeder from Tilburg, the Netherlands. I have been keeping reptiles for over 20 years and I started breeding in 2003 and I never stopped.
With all this experience, I am happy to help beginners via my Social Media channels, specially on Youtube and Facebook, so follow me there for good info, fun times and livestreams.

Throughout the year I bred many species of reptiles, these include (in alphabetical order) :

Scientific nameEnglish nameNederlandse naam
Boa constrictorRed tailed boaAfgodslang
Corallus hortulanusAmazon tree boaTuinboa
Elaphe bimaculataTwin spotted ratsnakeChinese luipaard rattenslang
Elaphe climacophoraJapanese ratsnakeJapanse rattenslang
Elaphe mandarinaMandarin ratsnakeMandarijn rattenslang
Elaphe schrenckiiRussian ratsnakeRussische rattenslang
Gonyosoma oxycephalumRed tailed green ratsnakeGroene rattenslang
Lamprophis fuliginosusAfrican housesnakeAfrikaanse huisslang
Morelia viridisGreen tree pythonGroene boompython
Pantherophis bairdiBaird’s ratsnakeBaird’s rattenslang
Pantherophis guttatusCornsnakeRode rattenslang
Python regiusBallpythonKoningspython
Zamenis situlaLeopardsnakeLuipaardslang

I also kept species that I did not breed with, such as:

Scientific nameEnglish nameNederlandse naam
Ahaetulla prasinaVine snakeTwijgslang
Elaphe carinataKing ratsnakeTaiwanese stinkslang
Elaphe dioneDione’s ratsnakeSteppe rattenslang
Elaphe moellendorffiHundred flower ratsnakeMoellendorf’s rattenslang
Elaphe taeniura friesiBeauty ratsnakeTaiwanese rattenslang
Epicrates cenchria maurusRainbow boaBruine regenboogboa
Eryx colubrinus loveridgeiKenyan sandboaZandboa
Euprepiophis conspicillataJapanese forest ratsnakeJapanse bos rattenslang
Gekko vittatusPalm gekkoGestreepte gekko
Geochelone elegansIndian StartortoiseIndische sterschildpad
Gonyosoma janseniiJansen’s ratsnakeJansens rattenslang
Hemidactylus frenatusHousegeckoTjitjak
Heterodon nasicusHognose snakeHaakneusslang
Lampropeltis triangulum campbelliPueblan milk snakeMelkslang
Morelia spilota variegataCarpet pythonTapijtpython
Pantherophis obsoletus quadrivittatusYellow ratsnakeGele rattenslang
Pogona vitticepsBearded dragonBaardagaam
Python reticulatusReticulated pythonNetpython
Tiliqua scincoidesBlue tongue skinkBlauwtongskink

Contact me

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Whatsapp: 00316-26980393
Email: info@future-morphs.com

NameJosua Hannink
BTW IDNL001780434B82
KVK number71280014
Payment options:
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IBAN (Bank)NL62INGB0008742290
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